iDog Services

Our services are available on demand, as well as on a regular schedule.

Dog Walking

Solo and buddy walks, regularly-scheduled and on demand


Home-based daycare, luxury amenities

Boarding & Sitting

Personalized boarding, pet-sitting and pet visits

Dog Park & Hiking

Outdoor excursions with free transportation


Personalized dog training

Pet concierge

Pet Chaufur, vet visits, grooming appointments

Personalized Pet Care

Made Simple

We have partnered with one of the leading technology and communications portals which provides you with up to the moment service updates and a full range of information including online tracking and a scheduling system.
Pet Care You Can Trust

As a professional pet care service, we are licensed, bonded, and insured by Pet Care Insurance, Inc. for the care and control of your pet, home and property!

We strive to evolve and improve our pet care for the benefit of our family members, and are proud members of NAPPS and FetchFind Academy.

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