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2 Easy Ways to Get Started

Schedule a Meet and Greet

Before booking iDog services, all new clients are required to complete a M&G ($20-$25).

Our Meet & Greet is a 30 min in-person consultation with 2 of your sitters/walkers (primary and backup). It’s our way of meeting your pet, getting a lay of the land, learning your exact needs, and making sure we’re the right fit!

How to Create Online Account

Create an Account

1. Create an account in our online client portal.

2. Activate your account. You will receive an account activation email with a link to activate your account, verify your email address and create a password.

Fill Out Your Information

1. Log in to your account

2. Fill out your personal profile

3. Fill out your pet’s profile

Add Payment Method

Add your payment information

Meet & Greet fee $20

Request Meet & Greet

Book Meet and Greet by requesting a new service and selecting date and time.

Once your request is approved, you will receive a verification email.

Prefer to Schedule a Call First?

If you prefer to speak with an iDog team member prior to scheduling a Meet & Greet, please pick a date & time and we will give you a call.